IPL retention and IPL retention rules 2022 & IPL 2022 Retention of all 8 IPL teams.

IPL retention and IPL retention rules 2022

There’s so much news floating around the IPL retentions and releases which team is retaining who which team is releasing who.

The IPL retention rules 2022

This is a low down on just how these teams are operating before that deadline on 30th November comes about now first the existing eight teams will get it right retain a maximum of four players they can retain a maximum of three Indians and two overseas and pick and choose their combinations according to their wishes here every team will have the salary burst of 90 crores.

This means if they choose to retain four players 42 crores will be deducted from their kitty if they choose to retain 33 crores will be deducted if they choose to retain two players 24 crores will be deducted from their kitty and if they choose to retain only one player will be set back by 14 crores.

It will be interesting to see how these teams go about their business in the future for the past 3 years or more years to the next IPL mega auction.

These retentions and releases because the players they let out can be picked by the two new franchises the deadline for that ends on 25th of December start on the 1st of December where those teams can pick a maximum of three players from that pool before the mega auction starts now there also there’s a combination you can pick a maximum of two Indians and a maximum of one overseas.

Then, they have to do their combinations accordingly as well all of this is heating up into a very interesting race who do you think your favorite teams should retain who do you think they should release don’t forget.

IPL 2022 retention

IPL retention 2022

as the popularity of the Indian premier league grows so does the league 2021

CSK IPL 2022 retention

So as we start talking about the IPL if we do talk start with the CSK then it will unfair to all of the IPL fans and For the CSK fans too.

Everyone knows who is going to be the first choice retention of the CSK

  1. MS Dhoni 14 cr
  2. Ravinder Jadeja 12 cr
  3. raj Gaikwad 8 cr

Raj Gaikwad has been a revelation for CSK in 2021 he was the orange cap winner scoring 635 runs in 16 matches

Delhi capitals IPL 2022 retention

  1. Rishabh:- Young captain Rishabh bunch took the Delhi capitals to the qualifiers 419 runs in 16 matches and could be good retention for the capitals Enrique.
  2. Norkia and Kagiso Rabada South Africa and have picked up 27 wickets between them.
  3. Delhi capitals cup 4th retention IPL 2021 4th highest run-scorer IPL 2021-587 runs.

Kolkata knight riders IPL 2022 retention

  1. Shubman gill KKR is dependent on him for solid starts or inheritance it’s likely that the team will do well
  2. Nitish Rana provides that strength in the batting order KKR could retain him to maintain the balance
  3. Sunil Narayan with 16 wickets in IPL 2021 Sunil Narayan proved his worth all over
  4. Venkatesh Iyer

Mumbai Indians IPL 2022 retention

  1. Jasprit Burmah
  2. Rohit Sharma
  3. Kieron Pollard
  4. no others I think till now

it’s been a while since he was out of form or uh is a no-brainer just breed boomerang another one of India’s premier players Jaspreet Bhumra is a must retain for Mumbai Indians season after season boomerang 82 or 40 balls showing his true class Mumbai know what he can do or inheritance Kyron pollard, Kyron pollard has been an integral part of the Mumbai Indian setup ever since he made his IPL debut a batting collapse rescue overs miss slaughter he can do it all Rohit Sharma captions may he can even lead the side.

IPL 2022 retention Punjab kings

  1. Mayank Agarwal Punjab king’s combating hopes rested on KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal the entire season Agarwal scored 441 runs in IPL 2021 the Karnataka batter also led the side in absence of KL Rahul and Punjab will be looking to build a team around him
  2. Mohammed Shami India’s speedster Muhammad Shami is another one of Punjab’s key members in the 2021 season
  3. may unless we get and he is worth every penny Shahrukh khan’s team is a strong Indian contingent stronghold Punjab kings should hold on to big-hitting Shahrukh khan taking.

foreign NO player will be there

Rajasthan Royals

  1. Sanju Samson captain c seemed to suit Sanju Samson when IPL 2021 484 runs Banai his highest ever in a season Rajasthan Royals will look to retain their young new captain.
  2. josh butler Rajasthan is one of the best buys of all time hey josh butler 2021 Mississauga but he left his mark and if he isn’t retained josh butler’s absence will be felt.
  3. jofra archer injured archer last season but the only ability and everyone has seen what he can do he should definitely be on their list Rajasthan royal school
  4. Ysashsavi a good Indian batter firstly season make 56 sub co impressed and he should also be on the retention list for the Rajasthan Royals.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

  1. Virat Kohli left the captain but has always been the most important and very good part of the RCB journey in IPL. Virat Kohli is still one of the best players in the world irrespective of the format inheritance 2021 may score the first IPL century he has given RCB the opener they’ve been searching for or in hip hop will be the top priority for Bangalore.
  2. Glenn maxwell the inconsistent Glenn maxwell made room for a much improved and consistent maxwell in 2021 for his performance for Dekker Bangalore will be tempted to retain him.
  3. Harshal Patel is the most wicket-taker of the IPL 2021 season and the Harshal have the highest wicket-taker of the all-season off IPL in a single season joint with DJ bravo of CSK
  4. Yuzvendra Chahal is one of the finest leg spinners of the India team and the most important thing a good core group of the RCB for the past years of IPL for RCB.

Sunrises Hyderabad

  1. Rashid khan.
  2. Ken Williamson sunrise’s Hyderabad had a torrid season like unke which performance day through the season and over the years Rashid khan or Kane Williamson foreign players is on the top of the list for Hyderabad.
  3. Bhubaneshwar Kumar Indian players may say Bhubaneshwar Kumar has proved himself and is another worthy candidate for retention.

That’s our probable list of retentions for the IPL 2022 mega auction.

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